Delivering my FBA inventory to Amazon warehouse

Hey guys,

I have a question. Prime day was a success 🙂 But now I am low on inventory. I do FBA I have boxes of inventory at home that I use for B2B. I want to send these boxes myself to the warehouse since I live very close to it, like 30 minutes away.

Is this possible? Or do they only accept proper carriers to deliver fba shipments? Thanks for the input !

Hi @greeting_cards_gifts,

You are not a trucking company, and do not have the authority to drop off your own shipments. Besides, your future shipments might go to a distant Fulfillment center.

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Do you mean that sellers are not allowed to bring their FBA inventory directly into Amazon facility?

Hi @greeting_cards_gifts

Yes. That is exactly what I mean. Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to drop off products and boxes at the fulfillment centers, so you have to ship them.