Declined credit card - Bankruptcy

I’m in a dilemma.
My company recently went bankrupt, therefore I’m neither authorized nor have control over the company anymore. When bankrupt the law firm handling this close the bank account and the credit card.

But here’s the issue: Now I cannot stop my products from selling (deactivate the listing), remove the inventory from the warehouse or close the account down because Amazon is blocking me from all of these things until I upload a valid credit card. And I cannot add a valid credit card because I’m not authorized either have one for the business anymore, so that’s simply not an option at all, because it’s against the law in my country.

So I cannot do anything at all, and I don’t know what to do about it. Been in contact with Amazon 4 times, but every time they give me the steps to update a new credit card and telling me that I need to do this, but that’s not possible because the business is shutting down because of bankruptcy. So Amazon will just keep charging and increasing debt on a credit card and business that is not existing.

Anyone been in this situation before? What do I do?

Sorry if it seems like a silly question but i presume you didn’t go bankrupt overnight - there must have been a timeline of this being implemented so why didn’t you close the listings and remove the stock before you went bankrupt ?

Surely you would have realised that once going bankrupt the stock and funds in Amazon were no longer yours technically

have you got access to the account at all ? Have you asked your lawyer about the implications of adding your personal bank card ?!

The assets should have been stated as part of your bankruptcy, the sale of these goods does not belong to you no longer you are best of contacting the company you used and they will then deal with amazon directly I would imagine

Disregard the two comments above, yes Amazon has to stop as the assets are now in control of the liquidators.

You wouldn’t need to take down listings, until you were declared bankrupt, and it’s logical thinking to think you can simply log in and close listings.

No you can’t add a personal credit card as that could be diversion of assets.

So basically, the liquidators need to contact Amazon, but good luck with that.