Creating my first Amazon listing

Hello folks!

Can anyone help me create a listing on Amazon seller central?

I have what I need from the GS1 website. I’m just confused now and could really use some guidance.

Thank you

Here are the steps to create a listing:

Go to Seller Central and sign in to your account.

Click on the “Products” tab.

Click on the “Add a Product” button.

Select the product category for your item.

Enter the product’s UPC, ISBN, or EAN code.(UPC code from GS1)

If you don’t have a UPC code, you can request an exemption from Amazon.

Enter the product’s title, bullet points, and description.

Upload images of your product.

Set the price and quantity of your product.

Select your shipping options.

Review your listing and click on the “Publish” button.


Sure, you can create a listing on Amazon Seller Central by logging in selecting Add a Product and following the prompts using the GS1-provided UPC or EAN. Be sure to fill out all required product details accurately.

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I believe I successfully set up the listing, I did it with a GTIN number I purchased through the GS1 website. I have not uploaded photos because I need to get the professionally taken. Is there a website you can suggest on how to find a professional photographer?

Get the PC codes from GS1 and add it to the Amazon listing. If you face any problem you can contact me