Confusion between product type and brand approval

Newbie here. So I’ve identified a product I would like to sell and I’m in the process of ordering samples (through alibaba) and all that good stuff but in preparation I am trying to go through the process on amazon to list an item (without listing it yet) to see what the steps are.

When i add a product do i have to copy a listing or can i create a new one even though there is a previously listed item?

When i go to copy it asks me to apply for permission to sell. But when i go to alibaba they aren’t the same ‘Brand’. The items are exactly the same, just the listing brand name is different.

Is the permission for the type of item or the specific brand?

Thank you

Yes, that is how it works.

Keep in mind, monkey see monkey do, if the monkey you are following gets stuck in the mud you will too.

ONLY one making money is the actual manufacture of the item. All the others are falling all over themselves for chump change. When you see that scenario, run in the opposite direction. Find something this is not already being sold by MANY others.

As for your listing, you will need a professional selling account to make the item your own. Also get a UPC code from GS1 with your company name so you can have a unique item. Don’t recommend doing any trial listings. Its not hard, just time consuming and very important you have all the correct facts from the start. So, do it when you have time to spare.

Don’t sell on any other listing, you will get attacked/shutdown/hate messages and what ever else an activist seller will pull in order to bully you off the detail page.


Your product, even if it is exactly similar has to match the listing by UPC code and brand name.

So disregard any other similarity :slight_smile:


When you add a product on Amazon, you have two options: you can either copy an existing listing or create a new one. Copying an existing listing means that you are selling the same product as another seller, and you will share the same product detail page. Creating a new listing means that you are selling a different product or a different variation of an existing product, and you will have your own product detail page.

If you want to copy an existing listing, you may need to apply for permission to sell, depending on the category and the brand of the product. Some categories and brands are restricted or gated on Amazon, which means that you need to meet certain requirements and get approval from Amazon before you can sell them.

If you want to create a new listing, you don’t need to apply for permission to sell, unless the category or the brand is restricted. However, you need to make sure that your product is not infringing on any trademarks, patents, or copyrights of other sellers or brands. You also need to make sure that your product meets the quality and safety standards of Amazon and your target market.

If you are sourcing your product from Alibaba, it’s likely that it’s not the same brand as the existing listing on Amazon. In that case, you should create a new listing and use your own brand name. You can register your brand with Amazon through the Brand Registry program, which will give you more control and protection over your listing. You can learn more about Brand Registry here:


Is this not possible with individual store plan?

How long does the process take to register GS1?

Not very long, just make sure you are on the actual GS1 website when you purchase, the code will have your company name in it. It will be a while (exactly unknown) for the records to be exposed to the public AND amazon can access their database to verify. Not sure what current wait time is, I would say wait a week or so after you purchase them.

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Great to know, thank you !

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