Confused about dates for invoices

Hi I’m new to selling on Amazon. I’m very confused about getting approval to sell this product. So I use the invoice from the Distributor I bought it from, what if I have the shipping address to the Amazon facility and not to my home to match my address? What does it mean by dated before Jan 18th? I had to have bought the items before that date?

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First of all don’t ship those items directly to Amazon Warehouse. They need to get prep from a prep center and put FNSKU on those products.

Second of all, you’re trying to figure out before 18 2023. It means the invoice you have from the Distributors must be not older than 6 months old and more than 10 items.



Whenever you want to sell branded product sometimes you need approval to sell that product on Amazon, but some items you may sell on soft approval as well.

You can get invoice from.the distributor you purchased items from and the invoice should include all the details.

You may request them to add the address you want.

And than submit tha invoice to Amazon


Getting approval to sell certain products on Amazon can be complex, especially for restricted categories. Here’s some clarification:

  1. Invoice from the Distributor: Using an invoice from your distributor is a common practice to demonstrate the authenticity of your products. It should include details like the product name, quantity, price, and your business information.
  2. Shipping Address: The shipping address on the invoice doesn’t necessarily need to match your home address. What’s important is that the invoice provides proof of your purchase from a legitimate distributor or supplier.
  3. Dated Before Jan 18th: This requirement likely refers to Amazon’s policy that some restricted categories or brands have a “before-date,” meaning you had to have purchased the items before that specific date to be eligible to sell them. It’s a measure to prevent counterfeit or unauthorized products from being sold. You must have bought the items before the specified date to meet this requirement.
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