Charges for sending inventory into FBA from China

Hello everyone,

I am planning on placing my first order on alibaba soon. I’m going to do FBA.

My question is: when I ask the manufacturer for pricing do I also ask for the total weight and dimensions of the product? So I can tell the FF?

So I’m thinking about the charges. Once I pay for the product do I then pay the FF?

Is there anybody else that I will need to pay to get the shipment to an Amazon warehouse?


I would wait until you have your order ready to ship but notify your manufacturer that you will be using a freight forwarder so you will need the total weight and dimensions of the whole shipment.

Yes, once you pay for your product and have that information send it to the FF and they will tell you their cost to ship.

Unless you are using someone else to do your labels and final packaging you should not have to pay anyone else.


You will use 3pl for labeling soo you have to pay for it.

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Hi @vboy

It’s not that easy importing products to Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon has put all that together for you. I suggest you review it.

Delivering imports to Amazon


Yes you can ask from your supplier about these things.

1.Package size and weight

2.Carton size and weight

3.Number of packages in 1 carton inventory weight

You can hire a fright forwarder to pick inventory from your supplier and ship to amazon.

Yes you will pay to freight forwarder when your inventory get ready

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