Change from Manufacturer Barcode to Amazon Barcode


I am trying to create a shipment plan for my Amazon listing. This is a private label product - only I am selling this.

When I create the shipment plan it says: “No labeling required: This SKU uses manufacturer barcodes for tracking amazon label private label”

I have updated the settings in my account to default to Amazon label and waited 24 hours. I have also deleted existing workflows in the shipment plan process. It is still showing the same statement: “No labeling required…”

I am not able to delete the listing and relist - all of my products have been labeled with the FNSKU. Could you please advise on how I can get these products switched to the Amazon label?

Thank you!


You missed a few steps required to change from the manufacturers barcode to Amazon.

Change to Amazon barcode by creating a new product offer

If you follow these steps you should not have a problem.Change to Amazon barcode by creating a new product offer


Thank you, so basically this is going to create a new SKU ?

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Yes, it is.

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