Can you start off with $1000 to start?

Is it easy to make at least $3000 Monthly in profit when you’re first starting or is it like you have to really push for it ? I want to do this on the side .If you can share your experience I would appreciate it

Yep - $1000 is more than enough.

Making profit not so easy - Getting harder in some areas to make anything.

Suggest you look at Amazon university for help & stay off youtube [quick cash videos]


Yes you can make more than $3000 if you start your own PL but it will take time to reach at this point.

Also it depends on your business strategy and experience.

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Off course, $3k is not a crazy figure. You can achieve it.

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1000 is plenty.

I literally started with books around my house and i scaled slowly. Last month i made 1200 profit after ups and everything. Starting small is a good idea


Reinvest every penny you make for as long as you possibly can so you can grow exponentially. The second you start paying for a prep center or taking money out to live off or paying for a mentor….it will crush your growth, hold off as long as you can and reinvest as much as you can and continue to learn for free from trusted people online as well as watch videos in seller central university to learn