Can you increase your price while having the buybox?


newbie here. Has anyone tried here that while you are in the buy box, you increased your price?

Is it against amazon’s tos? Would you be out of buy box?

Hope someone could share their experience!

Thank you in advance

Are you asking this for wholesale listing or private label listing?

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You can increase the price if you wish, it’s got nothing to do with Amazon (with the exception of price gouging). Whether you continue to win the buy box is another matter as price is certainly a factor in deciding the percentage of buy box wins.


OA model

wow! thank you for the explanation!

So, if you are only seller in the listing present and you increase to abnormal price, then Amazon will turn off that BB because their bots will detect it compared to last 30days or 90days pricing.

If other sellers are present in the listing and you increase the price, then you will be out from the competition. Seller having price lower than you will win the BB automatically.

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I won’t increase the price too much. If necessary, I will increase it by 5 or 10 cents, but no more than that. And that’s only when it’s necessary.

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Is not against T&C and yes the price can be increased while in the bb and by doing this you are pushing the BB price higher = more profit … If you lose the bb , then just drop the price back to get it back…


Nope, its not against an TCs. You might lose Buybox, but price is never the only factor for losing the Buybox. If you are the only seller, definitely increase it up, but gradually.

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That’s the benefit of learning from right people, I remember you telling someone the same thing few months back and I did the same, bb was $37.99 and now its $46 because of me, I was telling my friend last night that I followed exactly what I learnt from @masud530, when he said you took a good decision by increasing price on right time. It increases my dopamine with every unit sold.