Can you help me understand the UPC bar codes process?


  1. I buy UPC from GS1
  2. I send the UPC to my manufacturer
  3. They will print them and stick them to each item ? > how does that work ?
    Anything else I need to communicate with my suppliers / manufacturer for an Amazon FBA shipment ? Are there other rules of packaging / labeling ?
    (It’s my first order).
    Thank you so much :blush:

You need to send the suppliers below-mentioned things:

  • UPC bar code (not simple numbers)

  • Product set/unit packaging labels

  • Master Cartoon Labels

Please ask the supplier to paste the UPC and Product set/unit packaging labels on each unit along with your brand name (if any). They will paste the cartoon labels on each cartoon along with Made in China if the target market is USA. In some cases (depending on the categories), you need to put other things as well, like suffocation warning labels, etc.

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UPC are the barcodes which you will need to list the item in amazon seller central. However FNSKU are the labels which you will send to your manufacturer and they will print on the box labels. Ask your supplier for DDP shipment do everything will be on supplier headache you don’t need to worry about it.

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