Can you buy a seller account with reviews?

New here is it possible to buy an established Amazon store? if so how?

Yes you can buy established store if you have budget and you don’t want to bother about maturing the account.


You need to get login details, ID document, bank statement and Tax ID of the seller’s company.

Remember, you are not buying just the account, but a whole company is getting transferred to you, along with responsibilities.

If you need an established account I can arrange it for you.


It’s a really bad idea to buy somebody else’s Amazon account. Because you don’t know what they did wrong. You don’t know what gremlins are there. And you don’t know how long until they open another account and get you suspended for linked accounts.

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If you can come up with some way to separate my company from our amazon account I will sell our account. It has 10,000 + feedbacks, those were accrued 10 + years ago last 9 or so years it is just a handful.

I am willing to enter into an agreement stating that I will not enter amazon space direct or indirectly.

At the time I made a left turn and used our company name, HUGE mistake…
Also, the display name would have to be changed to what ever, anything but my company name.


The only way how I see selling an Amazon business doable is if the previous business owner abandons Amazon. Amazon will still see both of you eternally linked and any enforcement on a different account will impact the transferred business as well.

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