Can I change EAN for a product registered long time ago

Please advice.

Can I change the product identifier for the ASIN which I have created long time ago, without loosing history of sales and reviews ?

I am brand owner and I would like apply for enhanced content for that listing - but it looks like the listing is not associated with brand.
I have contacted the brand registry and they told me that I have to update all the boxes … whatever it means.
When I was checking all the identifiers I have found that the EAN used at the time of creation oif ASIN was NOT REGISTERED WITH GS1.

So the question is can i change it now without the risk deleting the ASIN ?

If you replace the product identifier with a new one, which is not already present in the Amazon catalog, most likely nothing will happen to your listing.

But as the warning says “Product ID : Editing this attribute can be potentially dangerous. Please edit with caution.”

Make sure that you enter there correct information.