Can anyone tell me for what reason Amazon asking dimensions for product?

Is it because they will bring the Boxes? I’m doing FBA.

Do i have to provide the product in boxes and labels?

They display the product dimensions on the listing.

They also want to know the dimensions of any packaging you are using so that they can estimate the shipping and storage fees.

Your item doesn’t have to be sent to them in individual boxes, it could be just in a polybag or not packaged at all. It all depends on what yor product is. They will package it when they send it out.

It needs to be labelled with a barcode (UPC/EAN/FNSKU) so that they know what it is.

I feel that you are asking some very basic questions so I recommend that you read the relevant sections of Amazon Seller University, especially all the FBA sections. You risk very expensive mistakes if you don’t.


When Amazon asks for product dimensions for FBA, it’s primarily for FBA fee estimation and packaging purposes. They use this information to determine the appropriate box size and packing configurations to efficiently store and ship your products.

If you enter incorrect dimensions, it is likely that you will be charged a lot more for FBA charges, so you should carefully ensure correct information.

Amazon will not give you boxes for shipping to their warehouse. Once you ship and deliver inventory into FBA warehouse, Amazon will be fulfilling orders to customers and handling packaging into boxes on your behalf.

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Thank you both for the quick response.

Do you know if Amazon will let me send the inventory to their warehouse in a large plastic bubble mailer as opposed to a box?

I am going to sell small items that come in polybags.

I don’t see why not but check the FBA section in Seller University.

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Thank you

I guess I will try small quantity first unless I find something informative on Amazon’s help page