Can anyone explain why this is happening, why my listing is still inactive, and how long it might take for it to become active?

Hello everyone,

I need some help. Previously, I posted that my shipment status was “receiving” and my units were in the fulfillment center (FC). However, I’ve noticed some changes in my shipping status. Now, it shows that the expected units are 0, and there are no units available in the FC. Additionally, my listing status is still inactive.

Thank you.


Did you upload a tracking number into the shipment ?

Most likely amazon has lost your shipment. Have your invoice ready and wait for the shipment to close so you can open the case.

Amazon will refund you on the avg selling price of last six months. So you will recover your money with profits

Wait until its closed. The numbers are constantly changing otherwise. If it is still receiving, do not worry until the shipment is closed. I know it is annoying to wait that long, but it is the same for everyone.

Also, it’s easy go track your inventory. If you’re using amazon carrier partner ups you can track via ID or if you’re using any other carrier track you inventory via their website.

I think you should wait for the shipment if it is not closed yet.

Once Amazon closes the shipment with 0 units received, you can provide the shipment labels and invoices to Amazon for the discrepancy.