Can anybody please help me with this

I just added a product and it’s not showing buy it now option. The customer would have to click on all buying options to add it in the cart.

Does anybody know how I can fix this and have the buy it now option available?

Is it a competitive price?
Are you offering a reliable delivery option?
Do you have a good customer service record? Not a new seller and sales history?


Hey thanks for getting back to me. I’m selling private label FBM - no negative feedback, I have been selling for almost a year. I offer standard delivery. Does the buybox still apply to me?

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It should apply to you, I believe. There must be something that is preventing it.

When you say “standard” delivery, is that a reasonably fast delivery speed?


It means you are a fresh seller without any history so amazon will not give you a buy box yet.

It might come on its own soon or after you make some sales and you ship on time etc… you build a good reputation.

An easier way to get guaranteed buy box is to switch to fba and send to amazon.


The listing has a suppressed buy box meaning the price is higher than Amazon thinks it should be so the suppress the buy box to encourage competitive pricing by sellers.

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This can be low/high price error which made your listing suppressed, even if you are PL / FBA.

One trick I follow to resolve this pricing error is by setting a much higher business price than the price at which I’m selling and the lower price is closer to my current price. For example, if my price is $10, then my higher price will be $25, and the lowest will be $9. This pricing strategy is intended to trick Amazon into believing that I’m selling at the lowest possible price.