Campaign Report TXT file download is badly structured - anyone have a solution

Downloading the Campaign Report it is plain the data is not mapped into the correct columns, as the same data is not set out column-wise. Converting to Exxcel confirms this with for example SKU being from -2 to +2 columns of the correct location.
Any ideas on how to untangle this messy file?

Amazon reports are typically tab-delimited text files. Excel will sometimes not identify what the delimiter is and sometimes keep everything in one column.

You could try opening the report in notepad, copy the whole selection and paste into Excel. That should do the trick.

The other option is to import the text file into Excel, which forces Excel to present you with a dialogue window with the option to manually select the delimiter. To do this, go to Data->From Text and choose the text file.

Selected ‘Delimited’, click Next, and then tick the ‘Tab’ checkbox. Click Next again and click Finish on the last step.