Campaign Manager, products to advertise

Hi guys,

I started a campaign manager but it only allows to advertise one product (one sku/asin) per time, but if i have like 1000-2000 products… is there a way to search multiple sku at once? i mean every time you have to write the sku then it appears and you select it, repeating it thousands times its very stressing.
i attached a screenshot if you dont understand.

thank you

I do a bunch by type. So for example when doing dog products I search for things to put in the campaign by typing ‘dog’ - and tick all I think are relevant to the campaign.
Never tried it with a thousand but don’t see a problem adding them.

For your particular items you really want to push on their own do an individual campaign and craft the keywords and bid level for that particular product. More involved than doing it for a thousand items in a campaign but also a lot more targeted.