Campaign failing to spend

Hi there,

I just launched three PPC campaigns yesterday night, for my product:
Automatic Targeting £20 per day
Product Targeting £20 per day (targeted at 10 products that are popular in my product area)
Keyword Targeting £20 per day (targeted at 10 fairly high volume exact search terms)

I started off with bid caps of £2 across the board, which was higher than all of the suggested bids, sometimes significantly. Around mid morning I was very disapointed with the impressions and 0 clicks/spend, so I upped the bid cap to £2.5, and then £3.5 at around 13:00 today. More than double most of the suggested bids. I still only managed to get about 700 impressions (vast majority went to the auto campaign), and 0 clicks after going for what I consider to be quite an aggressive budget (the product is around £29.99), and it’s not moving up, either.

I sold 54 units over the last 12 days, have several 5 star reviews, nothing seems to be wrong with the listing I have followed Amazon’s rules carefully. By the way I am the manufacturer of this particular product too, and the only seller of it so no question of buy box etc.

Can any of you savvy and experienced sellers/advertisers think of anything that I should troubleshoot?

I find it especially weird that the automatic campaign would not spend at the £3.5 bid / £20 budget. I thought that Amazon would have sunk their teeth into that without trouble.

Your time and assistance is appreciated.


Try Up & Down placement for keywords as this is more likely to convert.


I fixed 2 out of 3 of my campaigns by:


Essentially, although my bid was high, Amazon was automatically revising it down in the backend in situations where it thinks “ad placement is less likely to result in a sale” - turns out this was in the vast majority of cases for me, resulting in no spnd - I think due to a poor capmaign I did earlier which will have hit my CTR (alternatively - it has made me think I need to take a closer look at my listing).

Now then, this fixed the PRODUCT TARGETING and AUTOMATIC TARGETING campaigns, but not the KEYWORD TARGETING campgain. I hope it is just taking some time to update but it has been a while now … anyone have some other ideas why the above may have fixed the other 2 but not this one?