Buying return pallets to sell them on Amazon

Random question, but in the future, I’ve considered getting returns pallets and seeing if I can sell anything on Amazon. If not, I’d have to go to eBay for that.

Thank you

Buying returns pallets and reselling the items on Amazon or eBay can be a viable business model. Just be sure to thoroughly inspect the items, as they can vary in condition, and factor in the cost of returns and potential refunds. It’s a strategy that can work with careful planning and market research.


You need to be pretty experienced in dealing with the contents of these pallets - to know what you’re looking at. You’ve posted quite a few times on the forum but never said what you sell.

It’s very easy to overlook that the guy who sold you the pallet is usually the winner. If he won’t let you see the contents of the pallet - best to walk away.

Again, best to gain your spurs on eBay. You can then post photographs of what you’re selling, you can also describe any faults etc.


That sounds like an interesting idea! Returns pallets can sometimes have hidden gems that you can sell on Amazon or eBay. Just make sure to thoroughly inspect the items and check their condition before listing them.


I’m thinking about getting into RA, and I want to sell all sorts of stuff I find in return pallets.

Retail arbitrage. H’mmm. :thinking:
You seem determined to get yourself into trouble with Amazon!

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I’m a seasoned eBay seller with years of experience, so in the worst-case scenario, I would simply switch back to eBay…