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@kika - is advertising allowed on the forum (pity if it is).

If not, where is the report/flag button?


Advertising services is allowed as long as it is related to selling on Amazon and it doesn’t constitute spam. Spam is not allowed - repeatedly copying and pasting the same advert into irrelevant threads.

Someone may find this service useful for advertising their Amazon business.

I removed the flag button from the forum software as I wanted to make it more inclusive compared to Amazon’s forum and prevent conflicts. I would remove anything inappropriate even without it being flagged.

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OK I see.

Personally, I see this it as a big drawback to the forum. Also, the fact that anybody can join, whether a real seller or not, is a negative.

I’m sure you have your reasons and quite possibly, it’s the right thing to do but that’s my honest opinion.


Whether it’s positive or negative, this is not Amazon’s official forum and this comes with consequences. Anyone can join but also, no one can identify you or your Seller Account.

At the same time, the content of our forum will be different. While Amazon’s official forums are dominated with rant threads about bad buyers, malicious competitors or demands for assistance with suspensions, here Amazon doesn’t have any presence to take note of such cases or take action.

From what I have observed by now, 30% of our forum’s threads are related to sponsored products, third party services or advertising (which is unpopular category on Amazon’s forum). Therefore here we have more room to recommend services or for various service providers to offer themselves, without the worry of having their posts deleted by Amazon.

Other popular categories include getting help with newbie FBA issues, brand registry or launching a private label.

So I think it’s important to recognize the differences and turn them into an advantage.

I would love to see this as a place where everyone can find what they are looking for :slight_smile: