Brand approval keeps getting declined by Amazon

I keep getting rejecting emails from Amazon about brand approval. They said my product doesn’t clearly differentiate from other products like it and that I need to have the brand on the packaging or the product itself.

The brand is clearly on the product. I have a custom sample from the supplier however I couldn’t get a custom box until I get a reasonable sized order. Any advice??

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Had a same issue with us.

Paste your UPC barcode on product and there should be your brand NAME and LOGO on packaging and better to be on the product too.

Try to take pics on a simple table or something with white background and take product pics with different angles by holding product in hand.

In this way …they easily will approved it

Keep it up

You can try to create a custom box for your product with your brand name on it. This will help differentiate your product from others and make it easier for Amazon to approve your brand.

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How was the branding applied? If a label, it won’t be accepted. It needs to be permanent, eg printed or in the mould.

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