Box Content Information - One SKU, One Outer Box and Two units within 4 boxes inside - What to do?

This is a new dilemma to me.

Scenario 1

We have 1 SKU.

2 of that same SKU per box.

4 boxes within 1 shipping box.

Is this “everything will fit into one box” or “multiple boxes” in the Send to Amazon flow?

Amazon charges a processing fee per unit. Not an issue.

But as I would normally see this. We would send something like this (even though we’ve never been in this situation) using “Everything will fit in one box”.

So that box is obviously labelled. Amazon open it upon receipt and are faced with 4 boxes inside with a manufacturer’s barcode. Will they open and scan or just assume that the contents are 1 unit of 1 SKU even though we have set quantity to 8?

Scenario 2

There is also a listing on Amazon where the technical data is wrong. This is not the ASIN we are using for this shipment but on that ASIN there is a dropdown where it shows the size of the item as one option and the other option is for 2 units of this SKU despite the technical data further down saying they are being sold as a pair. I am not sure it is worth risking issues with customers if they expect 2 units for the price of 1?

Now as the inner cartons contain 2 units, we may opt to send some in on that SKU too and sell as a pair. So in that case we would ship 1 box with 4 cartons inside containing 1 unit per carton (although there would be 2 items within the inner carton - ie selling in pairs).

Hopefully, this is not too confusing as I am putting forward two scenarios here.

They will not know to open and scan the 8 units in 4 manufacturers boxes unless you tell them you are sending case-packs.

Case-packed products

You can request to have that product detail page changed. Be aware that you will have to provide Seller Support with information to substantiate the change.

Suggest changes to your product detail page

Yes, you can do that. The two units will have to be packaged together so they can be Sold as a Set.

Sold as set

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Thank you for the detailed reply. Just a bit wet behind the ears after stopping using FBA years ago and looking to take it back up.

You’re welcome.

There have been a lot of enhancements that seem beneficial. Much of rthe rest is still the same.

Best wishes…

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