Boosting my sales as a newbie

I launched my product over a week ago and have only gotten 5 sales, which mostly came from the first day. What else can I do to boost sales? I’ve lowered the price temporarily for prime days

To get 5 sales in the first week of launching a new product is incredible so well done.

Don’t panic and drop the price and remember that before anyone buys, they need to actually find your product first. So optimise your listing with good keywords, think of ways of promoting it, for example sponsored ads, social media etc.

But well done anyway.


It’s great to get such a good sell at the start Congratulations!
In the beginning, you may not get orders because of reviews and ratings, but you can increase sales by doing proper PPC marketing.
And you keep your price lower than other competitor.
Run Amazon’s auto campaigns and from there collect Data for 10-15 days and put them into manual campaigns. After spending 20 to 25 days on PPC, you will know what your most profitable keywords and Asin are.



It smells like a “pump and dump” strategy that will lure you into buying PPC advertising.

You really need to study how big tech plays mind games with the sellers so they can make you addicted to the platform and do exactly as they would like you to do.

Problem is the money leaves your hand and the lion’s share goes to the online marketplaces.


PPC is still viable for getting organic placement. If PPC is done without strategy can be a waste.

The first approach is to figure out why your sales have dropped. At launch your goals are mainly, ranking discoverability and sales velocity

Ask yourself….

✔️Is the listing highly optimised for the algorithm to know what you sell?-Are you sufficiently ranked on page 1 for the top keywords that your customers would use to describe your product

✔️Are you running PPC campaigns to the listing so you can increase visibility?

✔️Have you been bidding aggressively on the relevant keywords you wish to rank for?

✔️Where are your ads showing up on Amazon are you monitoring these?

These are just a few questions to consider why you are not making any sales for your product. An investigation is needed.


You can check your listing (optimise listing, may be you are missing any key words. Check your photographs if they are upto the mark and than start PPC campaigns. It will help rank your product, once its ranked sales will come automatically. Do not drop your price, kepp it to the optimal level. Try getting some reviews and ratings.

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Hello, I can understand your concerns if your product sales are not coming as expected. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Is your listing fully optimized?
  2. Is your keyword research effective?

Note: When our first inventory becomes live, the product enters its ‘honeymoon’ period. During this period, Amazon aims to rank the product to generate some sales. However, relying solely on Amazon may not be sufficient. To address this, we begin a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign as soon as the product inventory is live on Amazon. This approach provides two crucial pushes to help rank on the first page and increase sales:

  1. The initial ‘honeymoon’ push from Amazon.
  2. The additional push from our PPC campaign.

With this strategy, we typically achieve a first-page ranking on Amazon within 3 to 12 days, resulting in increased sales.

If you would like more information about this, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you.

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