Books listings not available for sale

Hello Guys!

I intended to start selling books. So I bought some really good books with ranks less than half a million. Now the problem is, in the beginning the seller app used to say ’ requires approval ’ and once I come home and use my laptop to do it, I used to get accepted. Now, when I do it, it says 'Not Available ’

I’m really confused what to do and concerned as I invested certain amount of money. Not much but I don’t want to waste it.

Please Help!

It’s a pity, you can’t sell items which are NOT AVAILABLE, Amazon needs some sales history before allowing certain ASIN to be added to your catalogue.

Before buying anything in future first add that product in your account once it’s all set only then buy. It’s a pro tip.

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The media category is generally gated and most books are unavailable for sale. Amazon rolled out the restrictions a few years ago.