Beginner question

Hi, I’m new to Amazon fba. I’m trying to find my first product and it’s so hard to come across one that is not high competition. I did see this one but I wasn’t sure if it’s worth selling as a beginner.

Well are you the owner of that brand. That is someone’s private label item. So I would suggest there will be reprocussions of selling someone’s brand without permission.

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Hi @eliria

@mint_chocolate is correct. Aimego is selling this product in their Amazon store, and they are the only one selling this product. Where were you going to souruce these?

You also need to be careful not to try and sell something that requires approval.

Categories and products that require approval

The best way to begin is to start with a product line you are familiar with, or want to learn about. You could start by shipping them yourself to see how successful are before jumping into FBA. It’s a very complex platform, and things could go downhill very fast.


So, is it better to make my own listing? Will it sell without reviews?

Hi @eliria

You will have to create your listing. I don’t know about the reviews. You might have more of a problem as a new seller without any feedback.

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