Bank account debits not matching monthly advertising costs?

Probably a simple explanation for this, please advise:

My May advertising spend was apparently £568 according to my reports on Amazon.

However on checking by bank account I was debited (to 30 May including 30 June I think) £600 and then £115. That’s £715 minus say £15 for 31 June). So the bill for June is about £700.

But, how is that possible if my total spend for June was £568?

Your product ads invoice shows 568? Or 700?

My bills used to be 3rd of the month to the 3rd of the following month, actual payments like yours split due to credit limit, so often £600 plus whatever if was advertising that high.

Payment screen, go to advertising invoice history - that’s where your product ads invoices are.
See what it says.

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