Avoid mislabeling Hiking ASINs

Announcement reposted from Amazon Poland:

Polish authorities have noticed an interchangeable use of “crampons” and “micro-spikes” by Amazon sellers labeling their products. Misunderstandings of these products are brought into connection with a recent fatal accident. Therefore, Amazon seeks to inform sellers to check whether if their product descriptions are using the correct wording.

Crampons and micro-spikes are two different types of traction devices used for walking on snow and ice, and they serve different purposes and have important differences.

Crampons are spikes that attach to mountaineering boots, used for climbing on steep, hard snow and ice. They have long spikes, usually 10-12 points, that dig into hard surfaces. Crampons require rigid boots to attach to, and are meant for technical ice climbing, glacier travel, and steep snow slopes. Using crampons without proper training, or on less extreme terrain, increases the risk of injury due to trips and falls. Under EU law, crampons must fulfill the requirements from the “EN 893:2019 Mountaineering equipment–Crampons–Safety requirements and test methods” standard. If your product does not fulfill these requirements, your product description may not mention the word “crampon” in any place. Products which are mislabeled may be removed.

Micro-spikes are more lightweight traction devices that strap onto hiking boots and shoes. They have 6-12 short spikes that grab into softer snow and ice. Micro-spikes are made for hiking on packed snowy trails, icy sidewalks, or moderate snow slopes. They are not suitable for steep or hard ice climbing. Confusing micro-spikes for crampons and using them in more extreme terrain could lead to dangerous slips and injury. If you are selling micro-spikes, the product description may not include the word “crampon” and must include a clear and visible safety warning stating: “This product is intended for amateur use only. It should not be used for mountain climbing.” Products which are mislabeled or do not include this safety warning may be removed.

Customers should always use the proper traction device needed for their hiking conditions. Sellers should understand the differences between crampons and micro-spikes, and urge caution to customers trying either without the necessary training and technique.