Automatic keyword, hand operate keyword, which one is better?

Compaign manage can set ads for products, when comes to key words, there is a “Automatic keyword”, and one set by yourself, which one is better?

I find automatic keywords is great to get started especially for new products. It is a fantastic starting point in some cases, it will give you ideas for keywords.

You can start with an automated campaign and then check the reports after a week or two:
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Be on the look out for effective keywords that generate clicks that convert into sales, retain those and discard every broad keyword that are not specific enough.
Add to these, a list of keywords that you think your buyer may be looking for, as the seller you have an insight into your products that the system will lack.

A combination of these two will get you the best results.
Create a new manual campaign then with your compiled list (You cannot convert an automatic targeting campaign to a manual one, you need to create a brand new campaign.)

The thing to bear in mind is that you need to monitor your campaign regularly and also hone your keywords until you get the best results.

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Better to use By yourself Keywords

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