ASIN is hidden in this marketplace

I need to send one of my products to the USA but I get this message on the listing page.

Any idea how to solve it, please?


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ASIN hiding refers to the situation where a specific ASIN is not visible or available for sale in a particular marketplace. You will be able to identify hidden ASINs with a wording stating “ASIN is hidden in this marketplace.”

Reasons for ASIN Hiding

  1. Compliance with Local Regulations: One of the primary reasons for hiding ASINs in different marketplaces is to ensure compliance with local regulations. Each marketplace operates within a specific legal framework, and certain products may be subject to restrictions or require additional certifications to be sold. In such cases, Amazon may hide the ASINs to prevent inadvertent violations and ensure adherence to local laws.
  2. Regional Variations and Supply Chain Factors: Another factor influencing ASIN hiding is regional variations in product availability and supply chain considerations. Some products may be specifically manufactured or distributed for particular markets, while others may face logistical challenges in reaching certain regions. In such cases, Amazon may hide ASINs to align with local inventory and fulfillment capabilities, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  3. Quality Assurance and Customer Trust: Amazon prioritizes maintaining a high level of quality assurance and customer trust. If an ASIN has recurring quality issues, safety concerns, or poor customer feedback, Amazon may temporarily hide or suspend the ASIN to protect customers from potential harm or dissatisfaction. This action demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to upholding standards and fostering a safe and reliable shopping environment.
  4. Seasonal or Event-Based Availability: ASIN hiding may also occur for products that have seasonal or event-based availability. Certain items, such as holiday-themed products or limited-edition items, may only be visible and purchasable during specific periods. Amazon may hide these ASINs outside of the designated time frames to manage inventory and align with the product’s intended availability.

It is crucial to regularly monitor the visibility of our products across different marketplaces and address any potential issues promptly.

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