ASIN changed to multipack

Hello. Can someone please help me out?

So I consistently have been selling an item 1 pack item for months. I sent a replenish recently I noticed that the listing had changed and now that sku is and 8 count of the same item. They all sold but I’m getting negative reviews since i didn’t send it as an 8 count

I’m so confused does this happen regularly?

And I can’t even find a sku for a 1 pack of that item anymore

Any advice is appreciated as I’m still really new to this! Thank you!!

May be brand have changed their listing from pack of 1 to pack of 8 to remove unnecessary or extra sellers from their listing.

Better to remove your stock for this listing immediately and ship again as pack of 8 after doing re-packaging.


Product Detail Page Rules

  • Create new detail pages for new products or versions.

  • You must not use an existing listing for a new version of a product. This includes changes in color, size, material, features, and product name. Instead, create a new product detail page for each new version.

You want to open a case with Seller Support to have the listing changed back, and have any customer complaints removed from your record.

While you are at it, request a complaint be filed against the seller who made this unauthorized change to the Catalog page.


Thank you @FunkyMonkey and @Muhammad, I will contact the Seller Support and let you know

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You are welcome, and thank you for keeping us posted.