Are receipts from Costco good for Amazon?

Hello ,

just opened my store and need a lot of help tips and guidance please i was interested in shipping everything on my own but what do you think is better?

Tonight i walked around Costco scanning items does amazon accept a receipt from costco?

please help

Yes it’s acceptable, multiple times did that me personally, always accepted.

It can’t be a receipt to ungate. Needs to be from someone who provides an invoice. Lots of ppl order online with target for approval invoices

No they do not

For ungating no they do not.

Sure! Handling shipping on your own can be cost-effective when starting, and Amazon typically requires invoices from wholesalers or distributors, so check their specific requirements.

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When it comes to shipping, it depends on your preferences and resources. Fulfilling orders yourself gives you more control, but FBA can save time and provide convenience. As for receipts, Amazon generally accepts receipts from Costco, but it’s always good to double-check their specific policies.