Anything that I need to avoid or know or common mistakes that I would need to know?

I have been thinking of starting with Amazon. I have never done this before and have been doing research for a while and being cautious. I believe that I need to start an LLC first. I am about ready to start the process then join Amazon. My job is being discontinued in 6 months to a year or so. I’d like to start off on the right foot.

If you want to do private label on Amazon, you don’t need LLC at first.
if you want to wholesale then you need a company for that

It also depends on your budget how much budget you have for Amazon business

If you need any help regarding this then you can contact me and I will guide you.


Usman Yousaf


Take a look at S Corp as an alternative to LLC. Talk to a lawyer to have them submit all the paperwork. We were going to do a LLC but the S Corp was a better fit


If you want to start with LLC formation, make sure to consider registering the LLC in a state that offers maximum benefits and lower taxes. Your choice may also depend on the business model you plan to follow, so conducting thorough research is essential before proceeding.

One of the most crucial aspects is product research. Dedicate ample time to evaluating every attribute that can impact a product, including its sales history, reviews, monthly revenue, total margins, FBA fees, and production and sourcing costs. Additionally, conduct a comprehensive market analysis and consider various other factors when selecting a product to start selling. If you can register the brand, it will be a significant advantage and provide you with extra privileges.


Thank you everyone