Anyone know how long for updated payment card date to work? Ads off 3 days

My card expired for ads without me realising… and so I updated this on Sunday and informed them - plus the page clearly now shows the card is now in date and not expired… yet it is still showing as a failed payment…

Anyone know how long it takes for them to allow this to kick back in… ? I’m amazed this element is not automated.

When a card declines for advertising you need to tell the system to retry the payment.
You may need to check the card to ensure that it is OK and that there are enough funds available.
If you are happy with this you need to follow these steps then to refresh the card:

  • Log into your seller account.
  • Click on the reports tab and then select Advertising Invoice History tab.
  • On this page you will see a yellow banner with a Retry button (I’ve added a screenshot of what it looks like). When you do this the system will automatically charge your card. It normally takes about 4-6 hours for the system to fully update.

I hope this helps.

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