Anyone else had issues with Account Verification & getting paid after going FBA?

I went live some time ago and haven’t been paid since. First I was told I need to change my business type from Individual. Followed by changing Bank Acc name to company name, followed by uploading new Bank statement, followed by uploading a letter of authorisation (a statement saying I am authorized to sell the products I make on Amazon as a sole trader). Followed by entering my UTR no. Followed by uploading a letter confirming my UTR.

Is there anything else they will add to the list ?

Most of the above do not appear on your account you actually have to raise a case log to allow you to upload the documents.

I really need paying urgently as I have to pay suppliers is there a number you can call to get paid urgently without going through more red tape ?

Hello @mohammed12,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with getting paid. Unfortunately, the initial verification for new sellers can take anything from a few weeks to months.

Check the last e-mail which you received from Amazon regarding your verification to see what else they need.