Any tips and strategies from those with successful PL products?

Does anyone have a successful PL product?

If so, how did you gain traction for sales such as advertising etc.

Yes, many people have successful private label (PL) products. To gain traction for sales, they typically use strategies like Amazon PPC ads, social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and optimizing product listings for search engines…


Yes! Most of my clients have. But most of them are manufacturers of their own item which gives them lots of perks as they offer the best price against the competition.

Secondly, if anyone has a successful PL product, they are not exactly going to share it. We do have to check the statistics of a product by running demand and supply analysis and then comparing it with the market. There is obviously a criteria for a winning product. Coming up with a winning product still doesn’t ensure a smooth launch unless we do a test launch with few units and the best listing.

Yeah! Advertising only works if you got the best content that beats the competition. No one would buy an item if the listing says nothing and you’re spending a fortune on advertising. Advertising works like a charm if you know what you are going to do.