Amazon suddenly refunded to all customers who bought our 400 units and my balance went into -10,500 in a matter of hours

Hi all Amazon sellers,

I have noticed that Amazon recently refunded all customers for 400 units sold automatically and my balance went into -10,500 in a matter of minutes. Later they explained that someone reported our supplement product that it contain some restricted ingredients. However, we know for a fact that it does not contain any prohibited substances as we have laboratory tests from manufacturer. And none of our customers asked for a refund neither they reported any issue with a product. Despite the information we provided they still tried to debit my card without an investigation outcome.

I have arranged for a legal representative and she asked for Amazon management team contact email. I have asked Amazon support to provide direct email so that my legal rep. can contact them but they never provide any emails.

Can anyone suggest what email to use to contact Amazon management team responsible for payments? I would much appreciate your help.


This usually happens in cases of recalls. But there were instances when Amazon fully refunded all buyers of dangerous and unsafe products such as hoverboards or solar eclipse glasses, with no requirement of a return and no compensation to the sellers.

Could you please post here the full performance notification, which you received regarding this matter?

Normally, Customer Product Safety complaints can be appealed and are not connected to forced refunds.

I think that you should get in touch with your supplier to get informed about a potential recall or a known safety issue and demand any compensation for the losses incurred.

If you would like to contact Amazon’s payments department, here is a suggestion:

[email protected]