Amazon’s Seller “support” - Case not answered for 9 months!

This is a new record for us for open cases. Previously we’ve had a couple of cases that Amazon haven’t been able to reply/solve for 6 months +.

Amazon have incorrectly charges us VAT on sponsored ads for more than one year. Money we unfortunately cannor reclaim from the HRMC. We opened a case about this 9 months ago, and Amazon continues to send the canned replies that “they are still working on the case”. Still working! Kiss my A…

They are still procrastinating the case, just waiting for us to give up.

Great seller support they have!

If you feel like your case has been stuck in limbo for too long, consider escalating the matter. You can try reaching out to a higher tier of Amazon’s seller support or account management. Sometimes, a higher level of support can expedite the resolution process.