Amazon refunded a 280 Euros order, am i in the wrong ? what can i do?

So, i sold an item from the UK to a customer in Belgium. He claimed that it arrived damaged and submitted a return request the same hour. The item was a collectible and the photos showed what i would describe as no damage at all, either the customer is extremely nit picky or a scammer. Anyway, i told the customer that he is welcome to return it for a full refund.

2 days later he opens an A - Z claim stating that the item is damaged and that he would like to return it. Amazon closes this in his favour stating that i did no respond within the 48hrs. I countered this showing that i did respond within 48hrs. Now they are stating that i did not provide a return label because i do not have a return address in Belgium. I always understood it that orders under 20 Euros have returnless refund and anything above it must be returned as standard. Now they claim that i need to provide a return label ?

Am i in the wrong here ? What can i do about this, 280 Euros is a big loss for me :frowning:

Thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with an A-Z claim. Was this sold on the UK platform or on an international Amazon site? It used to be the case that especially these “Not as described” claims were easily defended. Now, sellers are required to either provide a local return address or an international pre-paid return label for every single return - if sold on a different Amazon platform. This is why I wouldn’t sell any pricy items FBM through Amazon anymore.

If this was sold outside of the UK site, since the buyer complained that the item was not as described, you needed to provide a pre-paid return label. Yes, this sounds impossible to accomplish - imagine getting a pre-paid return label from DHL or FedEx from Belgium to the UK (this would cost ÂŁ100 alone).

Let me know where was this sold. If in the UK, then you may be able to argue that you didn’t need to provide a local return address in Belgium.

My best advice is to avoid FBM for more expensive items on Amazon.

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Sadly it was sold on the Belgium Amazon as i still sell across all of the EU sites.

Is there anything i can do at all ? I find it incredibly unreasonable that they simply refund the order without even telling me i need to provide a label, 280 Euros is so much money, yet they dont seem to care at all.

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Unfortunately, it has already been the case for some time that Amazon started requiring that you either provide a local return address or a pre-paid return label.

Outside of Amazon, you could maybe hire a lawyer to advise you how to recover the product back from the buyer.

I agree that the way how Amazon handles this is disgusting. If I was able to post on the Amazon Seller Forum, I would have suggested to the forum leadership as a manner of advocacy that the company starts arranging the pre-paid return labels on each seller’s behalf to avoid returnless refunds especially for expensive items.

I am no longer selling anything above 20€ on Amazon as FBM.

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