Amazon Prime badge missing for one child FBA product

I have a query, that maybe someone can help with. We have one parent ASIN and two variation within. One of the child products is displaying the Prime badge, which is also the primary reason why we wanted to sell as FBA, but the other one is not displaying the badge. They are both in fulfilment centres and shipments are closed. They both had the prime badge at the beginning, but then one of them disappeared. Now when you search for the product that isn’t showing as prime, it shows on Amazon page with no price and no option to buy, so we are losing customers. We are priced lower than most of other sellers with similar products.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there something we can do? Obviously most customers only buy products that are prime, if the products doesn’t even display the price, we will not sell our inventory.

Thank you for all advice.

Is the product already active / available for sale? Sometimes, when products are in the Receiving stage, they are offered to be bought, but they don’t have the badge and don’t have BuyBox.



you are correct. It seems like the variation was somehow moved into Reverved status. Do you have any idea how long this could take?

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