Amazon Personal Marketing Advisor question


I’ve just had a call from Hindu Woman in US, from Amazon. She stated that she’s a marketing advisor and we went through my advertising campaign. Well the contact wasn’t really great and i don’t know how to feel about that.

She asked me for changing my daily budget from 1 £ to 10 £ and reduce my Default bid from 0.50 to 0.40 £. 10 pounds daily seems really much for me because im doing handmade products and also work 9-5 job.

But my main question is adding negative keywords: Handmade gifts and Coin Ring

Those keywords generated 1 sale, and a loads of impressions & clicks. I don’t really know much about advertising but isnt it good that a lot of people see my stuff?

Can someone share any feedback with me about this case?

All the Advisor was doing was picking the two keywords with the lowest click through rates to ask you to get rid of. Amazon want customers to see ads that they will deem relevant to their searches (which they measure by ctr) and then buy (conversion rate).

“…isnt it good that a lot of people see my stuff?” - not necessarily. If they don’t click on your ad it doesn’t do you much good (unless you are a major brand), but it does not do too much harm either. If they click but don’t buy it costs you money and damages your organic ranking!

“Handmade gifts” is so broad it is unlikely to ever work for you, so it is probably as well to make it a negative keyword. Maybe experiment with much more specific terms like “Handmade mens ring”, “Family Coat of Arms Ring”, etc.