Amazon Payments question

I want Amazon payments on my new website I have registered my website developer is struggling I have been advised by Amazon to register for each marketplace in the EU ( I am in the UK ). Can I register for the US ? half of my sales come from the US?

Yes, you can register for Amazon Payments in the US marketplace even if you are based in the UK. Amazon offers the Amazon Payments service to sellers in various marketplaces, including the US and the EU.

To enable Amazon Payments on your new website, you will need to follow the registration process for each marketplace separately. This means you will need to register for Amazon Payments in the UK marketplace to cater to your UK customers and also register for Amazon Payments in the US marketplace to cater to your US customers.

By registering for Amazon Payments in the US marketplace, you will be able to offer a familiar and trusted payment option to your US customers. This can help streamline the checkout process and potentially boost your sales in the US market.

To proceed with the registration process for the US marketplace, you can visit the Amazon Payments website and look for the specific registration section for the US marketplace. Make sure to review the requirements and guidelines provided by Amazon to ensure a smooth registration process.

If your website developer is facing difficulties during the registration process, it may be helpful to consult with Amazon Seller Support or seek assistance from a qualified professional who has experience with integrating Amazon Payments into websites. They can provide guidance and support to ensure a successful implementation of Amazon Payments on your website.

Remember to comply with any necessary regulations and requirements for cross-border sales, such as tax obligations or legal considerations, when expanding your business to the US marketplace.