Amazon deals

I have a product priced at £25, I want to do a seven day deal from the deals page, but I want to offer 30% off with the product priced at £30.

Will Amazon knock this back if I raise the price from £25-£30 on the Sunday the day before the seven days start for a deal?

Thanks, Clive.

It does not work in this way. Amazon considered the last 30 days price for deals waived too.

But yes, if you have higher list price , sometimes amazon pick that value & offer deal discount on that.

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Amazon typically requires the deal price to be lower than the regular price. So if your regular price is £25, it’s unlikely they’ll approve a deal where the price is raised to £30 before the promotion starts. They usually expect the deal price to be a discount from the regular price. Make sure to check Amazon’s guidelines.