Amazon Brand Registry application declined


Our Brand registry application has been declined. The reason is wide and not specified. As Amazon stated: we have concluded that the brand/user has engaged in abusive conduct as per our policy We called for help and the support looked at our Account Health and so and couldn’t identify any issues and red flags.

Anybody facing the same obstacles? The brand registry doesn’t have a telephone to get in touch and sadly our messages to the brand registry are unanswered.

Thank you for any guidance

Just move on, you are wasting your time. If amazon was serious they would have live CSRs working the phone. We were “brand registered” when they first started it, then when they changed over to a newer system it did not follow over and I did not bother to go through their BS. Pretty sure you give away more legal ground to amazon than you get in return.

Besides, don’t tackle any IP issue on your own, hire an attorney that specializes in business law and IP. You do it on your own and make a mistake it can be costly.