Am I blind or does this basic option not exist?

I like to see at any given time of the day what I’ve sold on my different marketplaces (FBA and my own warehouse).
Just one page, with a simple overview, and with the specific products + number of sales.
The Sales Dashboard is only per Marketplace and only shows the total of products, not which products.


There is no built-in Amazon Seller Central dashboard that shows all of your sales from different marketplaces and your own warehouse on a single page, with the specific products and number of sales.

However, there are a few third-party tools that can do this for you. One example is SellerApp, which has a Sales Dashboard that allows you to view sales data from all of your marketplaces and your own warehouse on a single page. You can also filter the data by product, date range, and other criteria.

Another option is to use Amazon’s Business Reports to generate a custom report that shows the data you need. To do this, go to Reports > Business Reports and select the Sales report type. You can then filter the data by marketplace, date range, and product.

Once you have generated the report, you can export it to a spreadsheet and then use Excel or another spreadsheet program to create a custom dashboard.


This might work.