Am I allowed to sell any listing that is open for me to add my offer?

So I have a question I am FBA newbie and so basically if the listing is open for Amazon does that mean that I am allowed to sell it automatically?

Or do I have to get ungated for each product?


Or do I have to get ungated for each product?

Not all, but many of them. Amazon has gated categories, particular manufacturers, and individual products.


For existing products in our store, you can see if approval is required by searching for the product you want to list in Add a Product. Click Show limitations to view which approvals are required.

For new products not in our store, we recommend searching for similar products in Add a Product. Selling restrictions present for existing products similar to yours are likely to be present when you create your listing.

If you tried to add your products via a feed and received a listing error, use Add a product to view the approval requirements for the ASIN that returned the error.


Yes , some listings are automatically ungated but ensure you have valid invoices

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Yes you can sell if it has written “Sell this Product”

If it has written “Apply to sell”, then click on it. Sometimes its just a small questionare, after answering those questions you can sell that product.

Some time they ask you for invoice, pictures and letter of authorization. In that case first you have to purchase minimum 10 pieces of that product and after submitting their required documents, you can sell that product.

Hope it helps


Not all are gated. I’ve started selling recently and 70% of my products where gated but when I’ve asked for approval I’ve got it without an issue, 30% was already ungated.

As a well a little tip, don’t use Helium 10 use tool4Seller better and more efficient than helium 10 in my opinion easier to understand it.

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Thank you guys

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