Advertising - Automatic Keywords

How have you all found your campaigns performing lately? I have noticed a dramatic increase in ACoS percentages over the last 6 weeks spending high amounts for no or very little sales on highly ranked items in a SKU’s category. I am using Automatic Keywords which seemed like the best way to run campaigns but now i’m considering pausing most of my campaigns as it just isn’t worth it at the moment.

Are your campaigns performing normally?
How have you found the difference between Automatic and Manual keywords?

my average bid seems to have increased from around 8-10p per click to 85p per click - I appreciate there’s always competition around but for it to increase that much on campaigns that have been running over a year, something has changed and it’s not just more sellers.

I only noticed after the ‘Match Bid’ option was replaced by an ‘Apply’ button.

My biggest campaign seems to be actually lowering on the ACoS percentage, some of the others I’ll end up cancelling soon as they’re climbing toward 50% - I keep holding out hope! lol

Automatic keywords are hopeless for me. I created one for short sleeve shirts, it put keywords in such as ‘mens short shorts’ ‘mens plus size summer shorts’ - Completely irrelevant, I won’t touch automatic ones now