Adding a new variation to my listing


I need to add a new variation to my existing Parent ASIN but it says that the variation theme I had previously selected is no longer available in the category hence adding is disabled. I read up about it and I know I could use Variation Wizard to create a template but I’m getting anxious about possibly messing it up. Could somebody advise me how to do this please? Do I include my existing parent and child ASINs on the upload file with the new variation? I’m only adding a new color. Thank you!

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You aaid its giving error "variation theme selected, is not no more available in the category "

So, to solve this, you should choose a variation theme (e.g size,color, design) that is available and applicable to your product

You ahould have a parent liat ready and a child (stand alone listìng) ready. Now download a correct feed template and follow the instructions to fill that. You can easily solve it out.

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