ACOS and Product Placement

Hi All,

Just have a question I have noticed that the ACOS does not include product placement during the day does this update after a few days or does product placement never get included in ACOS?

I have ACOS down to 15-20% but I don’t believe this includes product placement so therefore means very little.

Also when using campaign manager do you have to have top of search bid as even when I reduce this to 0% I still get spend on it.

The ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is typically updated regularly to reflect the most recent data. It should include all relevant ad spend and sales data from your campaigns, including product placement. If you’ve noticed that product placement spend is not being included in the ACOS immediately, it’s possible that there is a reporting delay, and the data will be updated after a few days.

Regarding the Top of Search bid, setting it to 0% should prevent your ads from showing in the top ad placement on the first page of search results. However, keep in mind that Amazon’s advertising platform is complex, and there may be other factors influencing your ad placement and spend. It’s essential to monitor your campaigns regularly and analyze the data to ensure that your bidding settings align with your advertising goals.

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