Account deactivated due to health violation policy

I have had my account deactivated pending a successful appeal
I keep failing appeal

If anyone can help and share their experiences
Kind regards

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Hello @Melgg,

I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to unaddressed policy violations. Could you post a screenshot of your Account Health Dashboard to see what happened?

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I have attached what I think your asking

I have given details on your onlyfans account

In short … I reported what I thought was a genuine infringement of my design

Through brand registration, it was rejected and now this .

Several appeals of apology,
How I will keep upto date with policy’s etc

All rejected

Please help
Kind regards

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I think that this is appealable, however you will need to draft a precisely prepared Plan of Action addressing the matter, letting Amazon know that you understand what you did wrong and that it will not happen again.

Could you post here your latest Plan of Action?

This is my appeal if anyone can advise

Dear Amazon Europe seller performance team

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to appeal my seller account’s suspension due to intellectual property complaints.

I understand that Amazon take complaints about violations of intellectual property rights of brands or rights of owners very seriously and I would like to share with you my plan of action in which I explain what I have done to resolve the issue and what I will do to prevent similar complaints in the future.

The root cause of the issue:

As an inexperienced new amazon seller, I registered to sell on the platform after watching videos and courses , without properly reviewing Amazon policies and the seller code of conduct.
What I have done to address the this problem

I have carefully reviewed all Amazon policies and guidelines to ensure that I will not violate them again
I have immediately removed all listings from my store for which I received suspected intellectual property rights infringement complaints. I will not relist them until Amazon allows me to reinstate the content.
I reviewed Amazons policy addressing trademarks and intellectual property to ensure I properly understand it.
I have carefully reviewed my entire Amazon account and inventory to make sure that all my listings are fully compliant with the Amazon policies and guidelines, especially the ones regarding trademarks and intellectual property.
What I will do to prevent similar complaints in the future:

I will ensure I am fully complaint with Amazon policies and guidelines
I will regularly read and re-read the Amazon guidelines and policies to make sure that I am not in violation of any of the rules. I will monitor all changes of the policies or any applicable laws, which could affect me or my account and react proactively.

I believe that this appeal sufficiently addresses the issue and I am looking forward to continue selling on Amazon.


Unfortunately, your Plan of Action doesn’t address the issue. You did not receive Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints, but you submitted insufficiently researched complaints against a competitor without a legal basis. This is what needs to be addressed.

How would you right a paragraph to address this

Would you simply write

I did not sufficiently research the competitors product and made a report without any legal consultation….

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Yes, but it needs to be very well written and detailed.

Yes I have asked for assistance in onlyfans , please see kind regards

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Hi are you available to assist kind regards
I have messaged through onlyfans aswell

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Don’t worry, I will get back to you asap