Account at risk of deactivation because a customer complained


Please I need help. I Am new to amazon since May 2023. I used a company and they sourced a product for me from china, which I listed, and now my accounts is at risk because a customer questioned the authenticity of the product. Amazon mad the product inactive and said I should send them the receipt to prove authentication of the product and I do not have the receipt.

Does anyone know what I need to to to prevent my account from this risk of deactivation please?

Any idea will help.

In such cases, you should contact your supplier and request any documentation that can prove the authenticity of the product. This could include certificates, manufacturing details, or any other relevant information. After you receive documentation from your supplier, provide it to Amazon as evidence of the your product’s authenticity.

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If you don’t have the original receipt, try to gather any other documentation that can demonstrate the product’s authenticity. This could include invoices from your supplier, shipping documents, or communication records with the sourcing company.
Try to resolve the issue directly with the customer who raised the concern. If you can satisfy their doubts and get them to retract their complaint, it may help your case with Amazon.